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My Golf Profile

It is always smart to “begin with the end in mind,” and do “first things first.”

There are three basic parts of the Wright Way Golf Profile:

  1.  Vision                                    What do we want to achieve over the next 30 days?
  2.  Current Reality                      What is our starting point, or current skill level?
  3.  Strategic Plan                       What performance measures are we going to use?

We know that our common vision is for you to improve your golf game by taking ten (10) strokes off your score for an average eighteen hole round of golf played on a recreational golf course.

The first thing we need to establish is your current reality relative to that vision.  So please submit an email to right now , or as soon as possible, with your best answers to the following brief set of questions to help us get off to a good start with your instruction:

  1.  Do you currently own a set of golf clubs, and if so, please describe them for me?
  2.  About how many 18 hole rounds of golf have you played in the last 12 months?
  3.  If it is applicable, what is your average score for your last 10 rounds of golf?
  4. What golf club do you normally hit “off the tee” on a long par four hole?
  5. What distance do you normally hit the ball “off the tee” on a long par four hole?
  6. Do you prefer hitting the ball “off the tee,” on the fairway,” or “on the green?”
  7. How many minutes a day, week, or month do you practice your golf swing?
  8. Do you prefer to practice on a putting green, driving range, or at home?
  9. What frustrates you the most about the game of golf?
  10. Do you think of yourself as a “beginning,” “intermediate,” or “advanced” golfer?