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There are three key areas of recreational golf that must be learned and practiced to master the game.


[embed][/embed] Golf is a confidence game. Click picture for video. IMPORTANT!   Please take note.  My one, two, and three club solutions are for my confidence course.  You may obviously use any club you want to use after you complete my confidence course.  Remember, my primary promise to you is " Read more

Level Two

[embed][/embed] Level Two "intermediate" golfers are frustrated by trying unsuccessfully to break 90 on a regular basis. These "double-bogey" golfers are generally practicing very little and playing with some bad habits that can be easily changed. Most "level two" golfers are stuck trying to break 90 on a regular basis and will stay stuck unless...
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Level Three

[embed][/embed] Actually, I do not see many level three "bogey" golfers trying to break 80 in my confidence course (less than 10%).  I think the primary reason for that is most recreational golfers who have reached the point where they can regularly break 80 are not particularly "frustrated" golfers.  I think they are generally OK with their current...
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