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Wright Way Golf guarantees your golfing success, or your money-back.

Wright Way Golf

There is a Wright Way and a Wrong Way to play recreational golf. Click “read more” for the video if you want to play better golf…success guaranteed. The Professional Golf Association (PGA) instructors are doing it wrong for recreational golfers. I am sorry, that is simply the truth…and I can prove it. (Check out the video above.)

The Wright Way to learn how to play recreational golf is smart, simple, and fun. I can and I will teach you to take ten (10) strokes off your current game within thirty (30) days for less than $100, or I will return your money…success guaranteed.

No other golf instructor will make that offer.  How can I do that? I am not trying to sell you new golf clubs, club fittings, or anything else. I am going to teach you how to do three things really well that make all the difference.


I am going to teach you how to learn, practice, and play better golf.  I can teach you totally online, or I can do it with private lessons from the comfort and convenience of your own home with my mobile golf academy and online support.  I will travel to your home or office for onsite lessons or practice sessions if you live in the Tucson Metropolitan Area.  I will simplify recreational golf for you either way.

What is simple about the game of golf? It is generally understood that golf is the most difficult sport on the planet to play consistently and with proficiency. Simply put (pun intended), Wright Way Golf makes recreational golf simple by applying success theory to develop a strategic improvement plan for your guaranteed success and then guides you through the implementation of that plan.  What is “success theory?”

I have been professionally teaching, coaching, and consulting success theory for over thirty years in academics, business, and sports environments.  I am the best in the world at what I do and I can help you achieve recreational golfing success in a simple, fast, and efficient way that will give you guaranteed results.  I am the only golf coach in the world to do so.

How do I do that? Actually, it is easy, fast, and affordable. Wherever you are in the world, I can diagnose your current golf reality, establish your “vision” for success, help you construct a pathway and guide you to success in three (3) simple steps.  You and I can do all of this, either online or onsite, from my mobile golf academy located in Tucson Arizona.

I guarantee your success with my intensive “learn, practice, play” schedule completely customized for your skill level and lifestyle.  I am here for you.  You determine how fast and how far you want to go with the Wright Way Golf System and Funky Golf.



If you are exceptionally athletic and have plans to play competitively as a serious golfer, amateur or professional, then I am probably not the right golf coach for you. BUT, if you want to play “smart and simple golf while having more fun as a recreational golfer, then Wright Way Golf is, in fact, the right choice for you.

My Golf Truck

Click “read more” for video tour of my golf truck.

My golf truck is a mobile golf academy that is the home of my discount online golf training program.  For several years, it was available to provide private golf instruction for folks living in the Tucson Metropolitan Area. My mobile golf academy is totally unique to the golf industry and provided many beginning golfers with a premium service for a discounted price.

Yes, you were able to get affordable golf instruction at a location convenient for you in air-conditioned comfort, come rain or shine…and the sun does shine in Tucson.  You could always make an appointment for golf instruction on your own schedule and close to home or office.

My forty foot truck is outfitted with excellent technology to provide the feedback you need to reach your recreational golfing goals in a fast, efficient, and guaranteed manner.  You could use your own golf clubs, or I would provide clubs for you.

Update! (8/26/16)

I now have two (2) golf trucks.  Wright Way Golfers can now learn and practice golf onsite at their own home or convenient local site where I will use my smaller golf truck to bring you a portable set-up. Whether you choose to complete my golf instruction program onsite or at home using my online program that I provide from my  original mobile golf academy golf truck, I will help you improve your golf game to meet your goals and expectations backed by my industry leading money-back success guarantee.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to tour my golf truck by watching the video above. Although I no longer use it for onsite instruction, it is the home of my online services and provides a laboratory for equipment testing and reviews.  I hope you choose to spend some time with me improving your recreational golf game.

Best of Success

Alan Wright