Level Three

Actually, I do not see many level three “bogey” golfers trying to break 80 in my confidence course (less than 10%).  I think the primary reason for that is most recreational golfers who have reached the point where they can regularly break 80 are not particularly “frustrated” golfers.  I think they are generally OK with their current balance of practice and play.

Another subset of these golfers just does not think my coaching method is right for them because it calls into question too many of the fundamental assumptions they have come to take for granted about how good golf is played…”for instance; who am I to remove the driver and the putter from the game of golf?” A fair question, no doubt.  My answer:

My Three Club Solution

My level three “advanced” golfers are generally frustrated by unsuccessfully trying to break 80 on a regular basis. These “bogey” golfers sometimes need to re-evaluate some basic habits of practice and play that are getting in their way.

Remember, first and foremost, I am working with “recreational golfers” who simply are not going to practice very much (for various reasons), and, in fact, quite often consider  a round of golf as a “practice round,” for fun, with friends, and quite often with alcohol trying to “grip-it & rip-it.”

Think distance!  Level three golfers enrolled in my confidence course generally choose to add one more golf club to their bag of tricks.  This will be a less lofted golf club than the one or two used  in levels one and two.  Less is more…more distance.

Whereas, the focus on level one and  level two golfers is control and consistency, the addition of the distance factor for level three golfers engages an acceleration component to the “Single Swing” element of my coaching.  The purpose of accelerating the swing is to capture the full benefits of the less lofted golf club to further reduce strokes off the tee and down the fairway by adding distance without resorting to “extreme,” and unnecessary, club length.

Again, for my funky friends, the one club solution is perfectly adequate to get the job done at level one, two, or three to break 80…just say’in.


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