Level Two

Level Two “intermediate” golfers are frustrated by trying unsuccessfully to break 90 on a regular basis. These “double-bogey” golfers are generally practicing very little and playing with some bad habits that can be easily changed.

Most “level two” golfers are stuck trying to break 90 on a regular basis and will stay stuck unless they try something different than what is simply not working for them. Most will not! They will continue to do the wrong thing, the wrong way, with the wrong equipment.

My Two Club Solution

The two club solution is focused on “the approach shot.”

Level two golfers enrolled in my confidence course will use exactly the same stroke as level one golfers use with the less lofted club in the “one club solution.”

However, most of the level two golfers in my confidence course choose to add one additional golf club to the one golf club used by level one golfers, although it is certainly not necessary to do so for reaching the goal of breaking 90 on a regular basis.

This second golf club is usually shorter and will be more lofted than the first club, and is designed to facilitate a lofted approach shot to the green over various obstructions on the ground, primarily sand bunkers.

Statistically, the two club solution is a good choice because it facilitates “strokes gained” on the approach shot to the green AND on the green, for several reasons I explain fully when you enroll in my confidence course.

Smart, Simple, and Fun!

Not to be easily dismissed, some of my more “funky” golfers (with whom, I identify), will choose to continue “the one stroke solution” and simply select some more challenging practice drills to “up their game.”







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