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My signature golf instructional program provides one smart, simple, and fun golf service:  coaching and consultation at one of three levels that will be provided totally online over a thirty (30) days period of time for a discounted fee of $99. 

Most importantly, you will receive the best strategic plan for golf improvement available to any recreational golfer anywhere for pennies on the dollar, with Success Guaranteed!   {This program also includes access to my premium instructional video series and three (3) video swing analysis submissions.  Essentially, you will learn, practice, and make a video submission for analysis every ten (10) days of our thirty (30) day program.}

The purchase process is easy.  Simply use the drop-down menu at the top of the page and click on “Green Fees.”  After you pay your green fee for My Confidence Course, you can report to the starter and head out for the first tee where you will begin your “Success Portfolio” development and receive instructions for making your initial video submission for analysis.


Golfers choosing not to enroll in “My Confidence Course,”  can elect to make three (3) video submissions for only $49.  This is an unprecedented discount rate, especially considering that each video submission includes both a “down-the-line” and “face-on” video. After each submission is received, you will receive your video returned with annotated and oral feedback in an industry leading, less than 24 hour turn around time.

Tucson Metropolitan Area (Only)

 ***Special Discount Offer For New Customers Only: 

This is a very special and unique “One Time Only” offer for beginning and intermediate golfers in the Tucson Metropolitan Area.  I want to introduce you to the most amazing new concept in golf.  You have probably not heard of this anywhere before, and to the best of my knowledge, I am the only golf coach in the world with this instructional platform.  Be the first in your golfing community to do it.

One Club Golf (Funky Golf).  Introductory Offer    $99

The concept is smart, simple, and fun!  You hit the golf ball off the tee, down the fairway, and on the green using one, two, or three golf clubs… each and every time you swing the club.  Yes, that is right, funky golf means that you drive, pitch, and putt with the same club (or is some cases two or three clubs) and the same simple stroke.  How is that possible?

Amazingly, I will bring my golf truck to your home and spend sixty (60) minutes with you to introduce “Fuky Golf,” teach you the stroke, and give you several practice drills to increase your competence and commitment (confidence).  I will provide everything you need and show you how to do this thing in 20-30 minutes a day without ever having to drive to the golf course.

And now for the best part.  If you are not satisfied with my service in any way, I will refund your money with no questions asked…success guaranteed.  Kiss golf frustration goodbye. Say hello to a funky new way to have fun on a golf course.

My Tucson golfers can now receive three (3) onsite sessions of instruction, at your place or mine (within thirty (30) days after enrollment in My Confidence Course) for just $149.  This is a $299 value… for an unprecedented 50% discount!!!  

While most golf instruction in the Tucson Metropolitan Area is going for about $59 for a 45 minute session with poor results, with this special offer I am providing three (3) 90 minute sessions at a discounted rate of only $49 a session.  I am able to make this special offer available because I am supplementing my online instruction with onsite  “bonus” instruction using my mobile golf academy at my place or yours to get…Success Guaranteed!

My normal rate for three (3) onsite sessions of instruction is $299.  However, if you enroll in my confidence course, I will bring my golf truck to you, or you can come to my golf truck (each session is 90 minutes).  This will greatly accelerate your game improvement.

Yes, I will travel to your home or office and bring my instructional technology to you. All I need is a relatively flat area with less than one hundred fifty (150) square feet of unobstructed space (12′ x 12′ with 12′ of vertical clearance ).   I will help you establish a portable home practice area and make sure you are doing practice drills correctly.  An added benefit is that I will bring swing analysis equipment to provide on-the-spot feedback to further accelerate your improvement.  See my blog post on this subject for more details. Many of my local golfers have accelerated their success this way.   

There is More

Traditional golf instruction usually lasts less than an hour with your local golf pro with no correctional follow-up.  It is well known that most recreational golfers are frustrated and do not improve their game by even one stroke with this type of instruction.  I would suggest that you try something different…like my confidence course?

However, if you want golf instruction in this more traditional way, I will provide you with some online and/or onsite swing instruction designed to simplify your swing for more control and consistency at a discounted rate (with follow-up), but without my success guarantee because my “systems approach” is essential to reliable and consistent score reduction. (onsite instruction offered only in Tucson Metropolitan Area):

Onsite swing instruction (Your Place or Mine)                      $299 ( 3 ninety minute sessions)   (*Not enrolled in My Confidence Course)