Attention!  Payment of green fee required for entry.

(If you have not paid your green fee, please report to the Pro Shop prior to getting your starting instructions.)

Congratulations! I hope you are here because you have paid your green fee and are ready to get on with improving your golf game.

Golfers arriving here after making payment online may proceed to the practice area while waiting to be “called” to the first tee. Your call will come in the form of an email sent to the email address you provided at the time of payment. (The usual wait time in the practice area is less than thirty (30) minutes.)  I try hard to respond in about 10 minutes.

Very Important!

Your call from the starter (email) will contain a password you will need to gain access to the first tee and and premium instructional videos for those of you enrolled in My Confidence Course.  When you reach the first tee, you will be given instructions on how to send us your first swing video, as well as other additional helpful information about our website available only to password holders.

* For those of you purchasing “a la carte” online video instruction or onsite swing instruction, you will receive further instructions in a similar email shortly.  I appreciate your patience!  (This process helps me keep down my costs so I can offer discount services.)

Practice Area

I use this “practice area” as a place where you can get some valuable information while waiting for your password to gain access to my core instructional videos.  Please take advantage of the information provided below and thank you for becoming the most important part of our instructional program here at Wright Way Golf and My Golf Truck.

Please click here to answer a short set of questions to begin establishing your “current reality” for your Wright Way Golf Profile.