It is not fun to be frustrated and golf can be extremely frustrating. Wright Way Golf can and will help you significantly reduce your frustration based on one smart and simple equation:

Confidence is a function of competence and commitment.  (Do not skip over these words.  This is a scientific equation that is fundamentally key to measurable improvement to a good golf experience and score.)

Question: Ok, if that is true (and I assure you that it is), so what does that have to do with smart, simple and fun?

Answer: Unrealistic Expectations!!!!!!

Most of the 25 million recreational golfers in the United States are frustrated, and that is not fun. Data from the National Golf Foundation suggests that:

Tier One Golfers (50 percent, or over 12 million recreational golfers), are playing “triple bogey” (or worse) golf and the game is just not fun while chasing the ball all over the course for over four hours with multiple “do-overs,” and struggling to regularly break 100.  Many of these golfers have been playing for several years and are simply not improving.  These “seldom” golfers can actually have fun.  These are my Level One Golfers.

Tier Two Golfers (40 percent, or about 10 million recreational golfers), have been playing for years with minimal improvement and are still playing “double bogey” golf while struggling to regularly break 90.  The “intermediate” weekend golfer is quite often trying unsuccessfully to mimic the play of professional golfers working who are serious athletes working with professional coaches and trainers on daily practice sessions.  We can fix that.  These are my Level Two Golfers.  

[Did you know that about one million of these frustrated recreational golfers in these lower two tiers are leaving the game each year?  You and I can stop that!]


Tier Three Golfers (9 percent, or about 2.5 million of the more serious  golfers) are playing “bogey golf” while “working hard” at the game to regularly break 80.  These “advanced” golfers often live on or near a golf course and may be a member of a public or private golf club.  I can often help these “serious & advanced” golfers simplify the game and achieve their golfing goals.  These are my Level Three Golfers.

The Peak Performers (1 percent, or about a half million of the really serious recreational golfers), are regularly approaching par and breaking 80 on a regular basis.  I do not see many of these players in my business model.  These folks are having fun on the course and you can too!  We need not discuss the “elite” professional golfers.

Yes, American golf is losing recreational golfers at a rate of about one million a year. I believe that frustration is the number one reason for this decline. It is commonly thought that economics is the primary reason, but that is wrong. Recreational golf provides about four hours of entertainment in a great outdoor environment for generally less than $25 an hour, but who wants to pay good money to just be frustrated?

Wright Way Golf is good for the golf industry and it is good for you because it is smart, simple, and fun…but you have to learn, practice, and play to improve.  I can teach you how to efficiently and effectively improve your game. You will need to spend some quality time on my confidence course.  Less than once a month on the golf course is not going to work…it just does not cut it.

It is all about time:  Complete my confidence course and you can and you will “make the cut” by taking ten strokes (or more) of your average score within thirty (30) days for less than $100, with success guaranteed…or your money back!

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