Funky Golf






This is a new page.  I am currently editing it.

You may be wondering why I have this old baseball coaching outfit on instead of golf clothes.  Well, I want to emphasize that this is a “coaching” program as opposed to the traditional golf instruction program with a focus on your swing and little else.

I will, however, change my clothes before we move on from here and describe in more detail what I mean when I make a big deal about golf coaching:





The above photo is a little more recent and reflects how serious I am about my “Funky Golf” coaching program where I want to help put(t) the fun back in golf.  You do, I guess, probably realize that golf can be a very frustrating game.  Actually, about a million golfers a year quit the game.  I want these folks back and I know how to do it!

I suggest you take a few minutes here on this website and learn a little more about Funky Golf and my onsite and online programs to provide my coaching program in a way that I can guarantee your success with my money-back guarantee!  

Try to get that somewhere else in the golf industry!!!